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We shared the news with you earlier this week that we are “over the moon” with the recent news that we were named Best of the Main Line for Vintage Home Accessories in Main Line Today Magazine. Once a  year, businesses are chosen  by voters and a panel of judges from Main Line Today Magazine and the July issue is devoted to announcing, The Best of. We are both honored and excited to be recognized by the community in this way and let me be perfectly frank with you in that it  feels pretty darn awesome! Why? Well let’s just say that hosting Pop Up Barn Sales on the Main Line is a pretty novel idea. One that is met with many puzzled and skeptical looks emitting from the listener as I describe what we do. Typically, I get  asked if we sell tractors or farm equipment. Most of you who read this blog, know what our Barn Sales are all about, for you have been to one.  For the newbies who have never been, we do not sell tractors but we do scour many hidden corners trying to find that unusual piece that you would have a hard time finding elsewhere, or that castoff item whose value we see in it’s patina from which springs forth a vision for its new life. I have a true desire to create beautiful spaces and environments with an eclectic mix of objects with soul and depth. Many tell a story. I LOVE a good story…actually…I LOVE telling a good story. So on this about to be Throwback Thursday, I am throwing one at you from last year depicting our trip to Brimfield Massachusetts.


 Read on and then it will all kind of make sense.

Finally….Brimfield….well almost!

Euphoria and Insanity all Rolled into One at Brimfield

All is Well That Ends Well

 For those of you who stuck through the entire story…you rock!! and you might just get why we are so excited. We LOVE what we do, even though most of it is hot, sweaty work or freezing cold work for we are housed in a barn. We do a lot of heavy lifting and loading, sanding, stripping (paint that is), driving heavy trailers and moving of  dirty stuff and often things do not go as we had planned. BUT…now we know that some of you out there LOVE what we bring back!

You really like it!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…we LOVE our customers and we have been working even harder and longer over the past few months to make some changes and to bring you new facets of Life’s Patina while keeping the old. You know we never get rid of anything old.

For those of you who think we sell tractors, come check us out and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Much love and gratitude for your support!


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