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Finally….Brimfield….well almost!

As most of of you know who follow Life’s Patina on Face book, we were just on a wonderful family vacation in Mont Tremblant Canada. For those of you who know me really well, then you know that any time I can kill two birds with one stone, I am a happy camper and if I can kill three…even happier. To kill three birds this time, the stars aligned, the plans fell into place and I am finally at the Brimfield Antiques Show in Massachusetts!!! A junkers paradise…a feast for the bargain hunters…a plethora of OLD things…whatever you want to call it…I am honest to goodness here in person!

This was no small feat, for it took some finagling on my part to talk the hubby into coming home through Massachusetts. Lo and behold, we had learned about an early college that we wanted to look into for Shane that just happened to be a little over an hour from Brimfield. Perfect plan…we got an interview on Friday so all I had to do now was talk my partner in crime to meeting me up here! Since this had been a goal of ours for three years now, she was a taker and right after the tour and interview, we met her in the parking lot and promptly switched cars. For one certainly needed a hitch to hook up the U Haul they were going to try to stuff with found goodies, wouldn’t one? All family members helped switch the luggage from one roof rack to another and we were off! ( I did offer for all of them to stay with me and shop the one mile long, twenty tent deep shopping frenzy but I had no takers…go figure!)
After a slight detour, compliments of the GPS system who wouldn’t take us to Brimfield MA, but to a cul-de-sac in Ware Massachusetts, which caused us to exclaim…”Ware are we?”we arrived!!  

 They were mostly closing up shop by this time but we were able to snag three gorgeous columns before the day ended.
I have to bid you adieu for we are now about to fall into an exhausted slumber to dream about all the goodies we are going to find at tomorrows first light!
Until then~
Meg and Chris

PS~ Three seems to be the magic number…kill three birds ie. family trip, college visit and Brimfield Antique Show
Three years we have been trying to get here
We found three columns and three really cool soda bottles…hmmm…
really makes one wonder what is on the agenda for tomorrow?

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