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All is Well That Ends Well

After an incredibly welcome shower to wipe both the dirt and grime off as well as the memories of the past day, we started Sunday off with a bang. Things start much later on the fields of Brimfield on Sundays so we fit right in. Arriving around 8:30 am, we hit the stalls and tents and found many more treasures to fill up the last remaining space in both the Suburban and the trailer. It was too bad that the roof rack was stuffed with all the luggage from our family trip the week before. Only half of it fit in Chris’ car when she met us so the rest went up in the roof rack and still awaits unloading! Maybe tomorrow…
This we had no room for although isn’t it so very cool??
This we could fit in and NO it is not an antique port-o-potty but a grain bin. Wouldn’t it make a fabulous recycling center?
We could not fit this in either…nor would we have wanted to. It is an antique torpedo, and I know, we totally missed the boat on not trying to fit that strapped to the roof rack.
We were able to fit in a collection of rusty metal lamp shades in all shapes and sizes which we have some really neat plans for. 
Up and down the main street of Brimfield, for a mile long, are tents upon tents of anything and everything you can imagine. Some things you can use your imagination on to dream of what they could become…some you cannot. It takes all kinds of folks!
There are tents of vignetted items…
and rows and rows of…stuff…for lack of a better word.
You definitely need a good sense of what you would like to do with this stuff or you need a clear cut idea of what you are looking for because you can absolutely get mired down in…the stuff.
We definitely found some “stuff” that we really like. Some that is ready to go as is and some that we have grand plans for.
(You know I love my mantels!)
We will be documenting the change over of some of these items over the next two months as we get ready for the Fall.
So seven hours after leaving Brimfield we arrived home to the crack of thunder and pouring rain at 10:25 pm. Brimfield is not that far away but have you ever tried to pull a heavy trailer and go above 55 mph? Don’t!
 It is a good thing that we could back that stinker up within a foot of the entrance. Four of the five of my brood and my doting husband (Ha!) I think fed up husband by this time, met us up at the barn and we unloaded the loot, returned the trailer and fell into bed in an exhausted heap at 12:40 am.
As I fell asleep, the question of, “why am I doing this?” did enter once of twice before my heavy eye lids closed. I do not think that I had time to answer that question for myself before I started snoring but I certainly can now!
The thrill of the hunt…
the love of all things old and vintage with a past…
the stories behind these objects…
the beauty in their age…
I just love it…
and always will!
Thanks for coming along for the ride with me!
My favorite find reveal is coming tomorrow so check back in here!
Until then~

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