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The Pitter Patter of Little Feet!

It certainly has been some time since we have heard the pitter- patter of little feet around here! With four boys who range in age from 10 to 19, those footsteps that we hear resounding in the halls are almost always running and do not sound like a pitter-patter, more like a thunder clap. Our daughter’s can sound the same depending on what mood she is in.
Anyway, the other night…the children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of the end of the school year, danced in their heads…………
When what to my wondering ears did I hear…but the pitter patter of little feet running cross my floor. I darted up in bed since I awaken to the slighest air movement in the room, as my children say, and thought to myself that I must have been dreaming, for they did not repeat themselves. 
Back to sleep I fell, while the visions of the end of the school year that danced in my head were a little bit different than those of my children. Again, I was awakened by the same sound of little feet…did not hear anything upon listening intently…so back to sleep again for the third time. At this point in time as I awaken again to the same sound, I most certainly feel as if I am loosing it! Our dog Willow validates that feeling by continuing to sleep peacefully. Have I mentioned that she is a Border Collie who has the energy level that rivals that of my four boys and my son’s entire Third Grade Class? If she had heard something she would have been up and at em! So…in order to confirm the fact that I am not loosing it…I wake my husband…so he can listen to the pitter patter that stops every time I wake up. Have I mentioned that he does not like to be awakened from his slumber??? He placates me, ever begrudgingly, and we listen together in the dark. FINALLY we hear it and it sounds as if something is running across our hardwood floor in OUR bedroom…larger than a mouse…smaller than my kids. We awaken Willow and she dutifully gets up and goes directly to the radiator where she looks as if she is on the trail of the Baskerville Hounds. We see nothing but assume that something is hiding under the radiator. To make a long story short, we continue on in this fashion until somewhere close to when the sun rises with no sightings of what is making the pitter-patter. What a lovely morning we had when the alarm went off to wake us up after finally falling into a deep sleep! 
Upon going to bed the following night, we have Willow sleep on the floor instead of the bed. She certainly will catch the offending creature tonight…Same scenario except this time we both dart up in bed the first time we are awakened.
When what to my wondering eyes did appear when I turned on the light…but a baby squirrel trying to scurry from our sight. ( The goofy dog, had moved over to her bed and was out like the light that used to be off) Well…at least I am not going mad…but what to do about the baby squirrel??? there is never ONE baby squirrel!
What was the purpose of this story you ask?
Well this story introduces a topic that I will discuss in a later blog…entitled  Murphy’s Law. I will let you  sleep on it! 

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