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historic yellow springs


Wow! I was making a run to some of my favorite Plant Nurseries and Farm Stands West of here, out towards the Amish Country, when I crested a hill. At the top, these colors were laid out before me in all their natural beauty. It is one of my favorite color combinations which is so vibrant and subdued at the same time. I had to use my cell phone to take a picture! I then went on my way and in every direction I was struck by the natural beauty of the rolling farmland which seemed to be ever more magnificent highlighted by the bright blue sky. I had to stop in the middle of the road and poke my cell phone out the window (good thing the roads are not busy at this time of day) to take another picture to try and capture the moment.
Can a day get any more beautiful than this???? Only when it is combined with a few forays into some favorite antique stores, some juicy ripe strawberries that taste like the sun has touched them, and wafting in the sensory delight of rows upon rows of blooming plants! Due to the fact that I had been able to block out the whole day to spend in this area, which is a rare occasion, I loaded up my Suburban until it was bursting at the seams. When I got home, while unpacking the car, I had to snap some pictures of the bounty. For again it was a delight for the senses as I opened up the trunk of the car.
I had found flowers of beautiful hues, juicy red ripe strawberries and tomatoes, Spring asparagus, Ball canning jars with hues of the ocean, a funky purse, old cheese boxes, an old book with beautiful Currier and Ives printing plates and even a jug of homemade root beer for my boys! Yummy, delightful things to be enjoyed later today, or items to be stashed to be made into something interesting tomorrow.
A day full of inspiration! What more could you ask for?

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