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Season of Extremes

I know that the whole country is experiencing crazy weather and unseasonable extremes and it has been no different here. Early Spring was one of the rainiest on record and now we would welcome some of that rain with open arms! as well as some of those cooler temps! The soggy weather delayed me a bit in getting  out to the garden but now that it seems as if we passed right over Spring to land directly into Summer, the gardens are seeing their full share of sun shine.  The dirt underneath my finger nails is well worth the results that we are experiencing now…

I love selecting the plants that I use to make up my planters! The colors, textures and blooms are so much fun to put together. When I pick them out at the nursery, I mix all the selections right on the cart that I am going to use, to see how they look together.

Now the only problem is the constant watering that they need!

Plants that I put in last year are coming into their own! I love Catmint, Wild Honeysuckle Vine and of course my Peonies.

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