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What is Your Month of Meaning?

As a young girl, my favorite month of the year was definitely a tie between December, for as most of you know, I am a confirmed Christmas addict and always have been, and April, my birth month, of course for obvious reasons. What young girl does not love their birthday month? Now that I am not such a young girl, my birthday month is not as impressive and has been replaced with the month of October still to be tied with December. As my life has unfolded, the month of October has taken the forefront with its meaning and importance for many reasons.


First off, I love this season of change. September is officially the first month of Autumn but with the high temps that we have been having in the past few years, September does not truly hold my heart for the beginning of a season that brings with it, the first fires, the sound of the geese honking as they fly above to head to warmer climates, sweater and boot weather, scented candles that evoke this season and the turning of the leaves. While I mourn the lack of longer daylight hours, the summer heat has worn out its welcome in my book. I could expound on this list but as each season unfolds, I love the changes that they bring, especially at this time of year. 


I love the simple additions of decor that often come right from the Earth that symbolize and keep us present in this season. You don’t need much to adorn your home and give it an element of change that reflects the ones that are going on seasonally. The month of October also begins the trio of months, that are definitely my favorite time of the year. As one month rolls into the next, October into November and then November into December, the heightened sense of celebration and togetherness with family and friends moves from days of anticipation to the actual occurrence. I am not sure how to explain it, but I just feel it. Anyone else with me on this count?

October is also the month of my anniversary, 32 years this month will be celebrated! Years that when first begun were filled with anticipation of what was to come, newness of life together,”know it all ness”, invincibleness and fun. The anticipation has been replaced with the everyday. The newness of life together has become as comfortable as my favorite old sweater, yet don’t get too comfortable for that worn sweater is sure to tear if not treated with care, and the “know it all ness” with the realization that we really didn’t know anything. Life together has taught us many lessons… we certainly are not invincible but have had fun navigating the smooth waters together. The rough ones are a bit tougher, stay true to your course and to each other. The hard lessons, have been filled with emotion, angst and anxiety.  The good have propelled us to be better people… together. October is truly my month of meaning for that reason alone.


October also happens to be Dysautonomia Awareness Month. An awareness month that never existed 8 years ago( and I honestly wish that was something that does not hit so close to home) when one of our sons was diagnosed with a subset of Dysautonomia. Again, many of you who follow this little blog, are aware of this condition now, where you might not have been prior to reading. October is now recognized around the globe as the month to educate and shine a light on a little known yet extremely debilitating disease. Many cities are lighting up their prominent buildings in turquoise to signal their support of this much needed awareness. Awareness brings education and education brings research and hopefully… research will bring a cure or at least more successful management of the effects of this malfunction of the autonomic nervous system. We are grateful for this month of awareness and the opportunity it presents to educate others.

Read here to find out more about Dysautonomia



We hosted our first Barn Sale in the Fall of 2012. We just wrapped up our 7th Fall Barn Sale a week ago. When I look back I feel that there is no possible way that the years have passed by so quickly since I first ventured down this path. No way…  Launching in the Fall of 2012 seems like it happened maybe two years ago, not seven. As we prepare for our second Soul Restoration Retreat to be held here on the farm next week, and I plan out social media posts to let our followers know what we are doing, I stumbled upon a post I wrote two years ago. It seemed so apropos to share it with you again for it both speaks to how and why I started Life’s Patina and some of the tools that I used to propel me forward in this journey. The Soul Restoration Retreat that I attended at the Brave Girl’s Ranch in Idaho was one of those tools. A powerful recharging one that we are honored to be hosting here again next week.


Restoring One’s Soul ~ The Story of Life’s Patina

For those of you who are local and cannot travel to Idaho, you just might be able to attend it here. We have a few seats left for this all inclusive four day life changing experience and believe so strongly in its meaning and effectiveness that we are giving a discount to our local followers… that would be you! We have slashed the price from $1,399 to $999 for attendees who do not need lodging because we WANT YOU to be a part of this event! We BELIEVE in its power to restore the you that is already in there but just might be covered up… with LIFE. 




So, as you can see, October has become my month of meaning. What is yours?  Is there a month that as it nears, you just cannot wait to see its arrival? If so, let me know about it! I would love to hear that others feel meaning with the changing of the months!

Happy October and thank you for reading along!

xoxo Meg



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