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Soul Restoration ~ Restoring One’s Self

When booking events in our barn, there are some events that we do because it is a good business decision, there are some that we do because the timing is right and the barn in available and there are some that we do that just feel right. Hosting our recent Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration Retreat here at the farm was one of those. When Kristen and I met four years ago on my own journey to the Brave Girls Camp in Boise Idaho, we instantly bonded and connected on many levels. When she was going through her Soul Restoration Instructor training, she called me, from the week long camp and asked if we would hold one of her retreats at our farm. I instantly said yes, and we held our first one in the Spring of 2018. Having just opened the doors again from being closed for our second Soul Restoration Retreat this past week, I am refreshed and recharged and openly want to tout the life changing course that Melody Ross from the Brave Girls Club created and Kristen has interjected with her own life experiences. She is as authentic as the day is long. 

Kristen brought her dear friend Elise, who soon became our dear friend. They are both gifted with words that reach into places that need to be reached. Combined with their deep hearts, they were the perfect retreat facilitators guiding the attendees on their journey.

A journey that was filled with red carpets, healing and deep soul laughter that in some cases, followed the tears.


It was filled with women who came together from all areas of the country… Montana, Utah, Pittsburgh, Virginia, New York and one local girl 🙂 … all who had the same goal… to restore in whatever way that was personal to them. I am going to honor their restoration process in images rather than words and close this post with beautiful words from Kristen. 

They created art in the barn,

surrounded by beautiful images and words created by Brave Girls Club Founder Melody Ross that we hung from the rafters…

and a plethora of art supplies and materials.

They journaled and created this art led by the inspiring words…  

of the Soul Restoration curriculum.

Interjected by moments of connecting with your 8 year old self.

When is the last time you blew bubbles? and have you ever played with bubbles like these?

Or sit by a roaring fire like this under the crisp clear sky, burning pages of things in your life that don’t need your energy and that do not define the fabulous woman that you are?

Our attendees explored all areas of the farm, gleaning peace and inspiration from the beauty of the natural settings.

Finding nooks and crannies to journal in.

All of our challenging but rewarding soul work really works up an appetite so pampering the woman with home cooked meals by Julie and I and Loraine from Blake’s Mother’s Cookies filled their days here.

When were you last catered to where you did not have to prepare your meals for four days?

Or sat at a table that was decorated with you in mind?


Our greatest wish in hosting the Soul Restoration Retreat is in hoping that we have given the tools, inspiration and connection   to their truth tellers to our attendees, so that their steps in life can no longer be treaded heavily but in joy of living and working through the aspects of life that cause the truth to be hidden.  

We love each and every one of you! and until we “meet for lunch again.” 


In closing, I leave you with words from Kristen, our gifted Soul Restoration Instructor and founder of https://www.simplicitude.org


Willowbrook Farm in Pennsylvania is my favorite venue to hold Simplicitude Soul Restoration! The unique spirit of the past and of restoration, both on the grounds and within the walls of the barn, open a sacred space for women to honor all that has been, while opening to new possibilities through their own restoration process. We take the time to restore our furniture, our homes, our cars, our relationships, even our careers, and our businesses, but often forget to restore the most important part of our lives…the beautiful and irreplaceble US! Beautiful things happen when we value ourselves enough to reach in and remove all that does not belong in our souls. We are worth it! We are worthy of restoration, connection and love!
Meg, of Life’s Patina was the perfect host for Simplicitude Soul Restoration. Her attention to detail and historical significance is phenomenal, she is beauty and grace and serves with love and compassion! So very grateful for her willingness to open Willowbrook Farm for others to enjoy! We went picking for antiques in the beautiful Amish countryside, dined on gourmet meals, wandered the grounds, created in the barn and did deep soul work! It was such an incredible honor to connect with these beautiful women in a sacred space of love and trust, and to create, restore, laugh, cry and make life long friends! These women are forever etched in my heart!


We are planning next year’s retreat and we are doing registration different this year.  If interested in our retreat at Willowbrook Farm, you need to contact either Kristen or myself by October 31st and let us know whether you would prefer a fall or spring retreat. That will put you on the waiting list for when registration opens for only one month in November. Please message either one of us or respond to this blog post asap if you are interested in attending!

Join us next year for this 4-day creating, writing and restoring retreat! It will be life changing!


Meet is where the peace is and trust in the positive journey that deep soul searching takes you on!

xo ~ Meg


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  1. Randi runk says:

    I am interested. I’m not sure whether I could do spring or fall at this point.

    • Meg Veno says:

      Thank you Randi for commenting! We are going through all of the requests and will get back to you on the time of the year that we are going to hold the retreat again! Hope to see you soon!
      xx Meg