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The Lengths we go to…

These are beautiful creatures…in a field
not in your vegetable garden.
The deer in our local area were a little confused and thought that we were spending hours in the garden to plant THEIR favorite veggies. To assist them in their confusion AND to make sure that they were not going to indulge in the biggest juiciest tomato that had just ripened we installed the biggest fence that we could imagine.
Okay, it is not the prettiest thing in town but it has served it’s purpose thus far! Some have equated it to Alcatraz. I tell them that they can plant the next round of plants for several hours next weekend and then come back once a week to weed and in a month or two they can pick the fruits of their labor. Imagine the looks of dismay and pure anguish when they see that all of their beautifully tended plants are about 2 inches tall and are not bearing anything but the remnants of the bite marks on the leaves.
Enough said…so I will continue to tend my little patch of Alcatraz. Who knows it might even keep the kids and the hubby from thinking twice about entering and asking “What’s for lunch?” while mom is absorbed defrocking the garden of its mile a minute vine/coat.
Things are looking good though and we are now picking ripe cucumbers and a few tomatoes.
The next outdoor project is to pretty up this adorable potting shed (once a pool house in the 1940’s). I will hopefully complete that in the next two weeks so stay tuned for the gussy up!


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  1. cathy says:

    Love the garden. Your next project looks like a perfect chicken coop! Looking forward to seeing your fantastic creation!!
    Happy gardening,