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historic yellow springs


Open on Wednesday – July 18th – 12 – 7 pm!

Well good ole Mr. Murphy showed up again! (Murphy’s Law) We thought we would be totally prepared and packed up all of our product on Friday night that we were going to be bringing to Milk House Antiques Summer Saturday Outdoor event. Sure, there was the ever present threat of much needed rain for the forecast the next day but that threat has been with us for the last three weeks…and has not come to fruition. So we ignored it, but as we were finishing up, on the old tin roof of the barn we heard the pitter patter of rain drops. Not heavy, but enough to make us say, “Let’s wait to load the trailer until tomorrow morn. We will reconnect at 5:00 am on Saturday and we can load then. The threat of the heavy stuff is not until the afternoon.”

I woke up to my cell phone alarm the next morning and since I could not see out the window due to the fact that it was still dark, I headed out into the hallway to make my way downstairs. The hallway is not air conditioned and there was a heavy moisture laden feel to the air that greeted me. I walked downstairs, opened the kitchen door and sure enough it was pouring! Now, don’t get me wrong, I was incredibly thank full for the much needed rain. It has been so darn hot here and dry that the grass in the area was turning to brown straw. We needed the rain…but today? when we were already prepared and packed up?
 Oh well! We spent the day unpacking and decided to open our doors this Wednesday to offer you all the goodies we had prepared for the Saturday sale. Stop on by to pick up a hostess gift for your August beach trip to Aunt Mary’s house or for barbecue cookout at your neighbors’ house. Take advantage of the cool merchandise that we have discounted to get ready to bring our Fall line up in.
See you on Wednesday and Adios Mr. Murphy…until next time!


Wednesday, July 18th Hours 12:00 pm-7:00 pm

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