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The Final Shades of Summer

As school children across the US head back to school after the Labor Day weekend and we cross the bridge into a change of mentality, colder days, darker evenings and a more hurried pace, I thought I would give a last look back on Summer decor. 
The shades of summer are filled with blues, greens and tans that change with the skies and the light. I love to reflect the outside hues indoors and use the same tones to fill interior spaces. If the skies are bright the same colors light up and become much more vivid and bright.

I am sharing how we incorporated these outdoor colors in a beach house whose windows reflect these scenes. Why fight against these magnificent colors?

Colors magnified…
As we move towards a more Earthed toned palette and turn our heads towards the cooler days of Fall, may your memories of the Summer past fade into the present days and how to make them just as beautiful! The change, though difficult at times, is a welcome sign of moving forward. To be truly honest with you, I welcome the brisk days of Fall, the first smell of fires burning at the hearth and the turning inwards that Fall brings on.

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