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Loot Shoot for our Sale in October! Went picking and took the kids!

First of all – SAVE the DATE!! The fall barn sale has been scheduled for
OCTOBER 4th – 6th, 2013. 

So many great treasures, some of which I picked up on a fun road trip with my two of my boys.
 How did I choose the lucky ones that got to go with me? and why would I take them? Well let’s just say that my 15 year old loves anything new and sleek and asks all the time if a) he can either carpet his hardwood floors or b) get a new room that does not have a drafty old fireplace in it. Since neither of those requests are going to come to fruition, I have probably scarred him for life against anything old, peeling and squeaky…you can catch my drift . He would not appreciate a day and half trip surrounded by old, peeling squeaky things so he was off the hook. You see, I needed some help loading this awesome pair of shutters that I had purchased on my last trip but had no room to take home. I would enlist the help of my oldest and bring the youngest along to test the waters. He is the creative type and you can either find him a) with his fingers glued together after working on some creative contraption or b) with his fingers glued together after… So the crew was assembled and off we drove into the sunset.

After waking up bright and early and enjoying the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, ( of which my husband says that if it was only served until 5am than I would be there even though I dislike early mornings, just because it is free ) we headed back onto the road and to our first stop. 
Lots of goodies to be found here! Let the trailer loading begin.
One thing I have learned after these many ventures out picking is how to pack the car, truck or trailer to hold the maximum capacity. It really is a science, one that I will be passing onto the boys on this trip. What they will do with it in the future I have no idea.
The bungee cords and blankets were enlisted, and right around 3 pm we were finished loading. We were all hot and tired and the boys
 were thrilled to be involved in the days activities. Can’t you see it on their faces? Don’t you worry! They will thank me later for this experience and their future wives will love me for it. At least that is what I like to tell myself.
So stop on by the weekend of October 4th-6th to check out our finds from this picking trip along with other forays. 

Happy trails to you!

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