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The Beauty of A Snow Day

There is something unequivocally beautiful in a snow day. Yes, it is annoying, schedules are disrupted, plans are thrown out the window, driving anywhere can be hazardous and a basic pain in the neck if you have to go out. 
But doesn’t it “force” you to do things together that sometimes you do not have the time to do in a week  pencilled in with the “busy” activities of a day to day agenda?  Even if your participants are being bribed by the thought of a nice warm fire to warm them up after a romp in the snow? How else would those logs get into the house to start that fire…they don’t walk there themselves. (sound like anyone?)
Those romps in the snow, are in essence, an integral part of childhood; a time to let loose, to use your imagination, 
to feel utterly exhausted because you have played with every fiber of your being. These integral parts of childhood that need not, to ever be forgotten, no matter how old you are. Those are beautiful moments.
How many of you noticed deliciously enticing photos of crock pot comfort food flying around Facebook today? Doesn’t this kind of snow day entice one to cook up a belly satisfying meal that makes the whole house smell delish? We could not resist and let a large pot of vegetarian chili stew all day. Feeding yourself with soul satisfying homemade food is always beautiful and equally so, is finding the time to make it.
Sometimes, it is just doing nothing that is so beautiful; the slowing down of your mind, caused by the slowing down of your body because in essence, it is the the snow which gives you an excuse to do nothing…to slow down and notice the beauty around you. Do nothing you say? What about the shoveling and the animal care and the wet clothes caused by the kids playing in the snow? Breathe deeply, take it all in, let the brisk air hit your cheeks and relish that you are here to take it all in.
The snow causes everything to be of the same hue which embodies a peaceful feel.
What other time of the year lends itself to such architectural changes on the landscape that are created by nature and are, oh so very fleeting?
Even if a glimpse of summer chairs sends thoughts of yearning for warmer weather to enjoy them in…don’t succumb.
 Live in the now,
live in what has been beautifully made for you that causes you to slow your spinning world down for just a day…remember…it is just a day (except if you live in Boston).
Seize it, for there is always time to hop back on the merry go round… tomorrow.
With wishes that you all enjoyed the beauty of the day in whatever way made your heart happy~
(maybe you never got out of your jammies? that makes mine happy!)

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