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Announcing the Redesigned Website!

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My profuse apologies for being absent for so long in the blogging world. I do not like to have my three readers (he he he) have to wait with anticipation for such a long period of time so I hope that you are pleasantly surprised by what you are about to see…

A newly redesigned website! We have been spending much time on finding the perfect photos, getting the right look and creating the text so that we could both update and embody what we do here at Life’s Patina. For we get that question a lot…What DO you do?

Here’s your chance to get the full story and see some of the exciting things that we have incorporated into Life’s Patina. If you have a minute, please leave us your comments, suggestions, what you like, what you do not, so that we can fine tune it to give you the experience that you are looking for when you attend one of our sales or events or when you are visiting on line.

Here it is so grab a cup of coffee, tea, or heck… a glass of wine, hide from your kids or your hubby for just a snippet of time and check it out.


~We are still in the process of categorizing all of the blogs so in the coming weeks it will be much easier to find posts that might pertain to something that you are looking for. Keep checking back or subscribe and our latest posts will come right to your inbox. You can also join us on Facebook or Instagram and newer and fresher boards are coming to Pinterest. There are more announcements to be made over the course of the coming weeks so thanks for sticking with us!

We promise a visual treat with a healthy dose of depth, instruction and humor.

Our very best~

Meg and Chris

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