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The Afterglow of Kelly Corrigan

Kelly with Kimberly Fellows

We are still basking in the afterglow of Kelly Corrigan’s visit here at Life’s Patina! Her personality and prose were both a delight and the afternoon could not have been any more rewarding and pleasurable than it was. That is not how it started. To be quite honest with you, I was in a cold sweat, literally and figuratively. The day before the event, the skies opened up and Spring monsoons came in. As many of you already know, when it rains here, it seems as if all of our township’s water runoff if running off…to Willowbrook Farm. 

We had to scrap our plan to have all the cars park in the horse field and after my husband asked me for the 17th time, “What is you contingency plan?” I threw a plate at him. Only kidding…it was only a pen… but I truly did not know how to answer his repetitive question. We had never parked close to one hundred cars here and not used the horse field.

I wrestled with this issue the entire day as the rain continued to fall and the temperature began to plummet. It was 28 degrees at 2 am when we left the barn. Now it was not only very wet but very cold.
I went to bed with the thought that some things are just not under our control and I knew down deep that it would all work out, for come on, Kelly Corrigan was going to be in the house!
The sky was the most beautiful blue the next morning and despite the cold, it was a stunning day! We managed to park all of the cars on slightly higher ground in the yard and the day commenced.

Kelly, cup of tea in hand, entertained us with her story and kept us vacillating between laughter and tears. So much of what she had to say struck a chord. She stressed the importance of reading in building empathy and vocabulary which I whole heartedly agree with. She asked each one of us to walk away from the event and share with our friends, by way of one of our various means of social media, a great book that we had read. Kelly depicted her relationship with her mother and through her voice inflections, we felt that she was in the room. The most striking thought that I took away from her talk was her realization that even though her mother and herself are much different personalities and they might not see eye to eye, her mothers (and others) “way of being in the world is the right way for them.” Ahem….
I hope that many of you who joined us on that day have delighted in the content of Kelly’s book. After a wonderful Easter break, we are back in action revamping the barn for our Spring Preview Party. I invite you all back to see the changes we have made to fit all of our Spring goodies into the barn. If you were not able to join us, come on over to see how Spring has erupted at Life’s Patina. Here are a few tempting pictures of what you will find. 

Just a peak…more to come, as well as a story about the whole connection between Kelly Corrigan, Family Lives On Foundation and our Hearts for Megan event on May 10th. Nothing is ever random!!
Preview Party is Wednesday night, April 30th at 6:30 ~ Registration can be completed on our Facebook page or web page
Regular Sale hours are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
May 2nd, 3rd and 4th

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