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Bringing the Outside In

I love to bring the outside in for your Spring Decor. So often, just a little touch of what mother nature has to offer in this prolific season of Spring bloomers is all you need. I had collected many fallen branches from this winter of devastation on the poor trees. Low and behold, these fallen branches gave us a burst of beauty. The ones that I kept outside, started budding! They must not have gotten the memo that they had been separated from their life giving trunk. If you did not collect ones during the winter, you can still gather ones up from your Spring pruning. Just assemble them in a pretty urn or container and you have a simple but beautiful look. Any buds of green or flowering blooms will do.
A staple like lettuce, which is a cold hardy plant and loves the cooler temperatures of Spring can also be assembled to make a very simple centerpiece.
Here I took all the seedlings and popped them into a long galvanized chicken feeder. Running down the center of a table, this long arrangement gives a pop of color. You could also pop them into a low planter and arrange them into a square pattern, almost like a quilt.
Spring blooming bulbs are another way to beautify your house. They can be planted in just about anything that will hold water. Once they have finished blooming, you can plant them in your garden and they will continue to give back year after year.
I love this color combination of blue, white, silver and old wood but any color palette that you love can be incorporated.
Of course, fresh flowers are always in abundance now but why don’t you
“go out on a limb” and try something a little different.
Spring Blessings~

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