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Simple Tags

December 5th

Today I would like to share with you a simple idea for creating handmade gift tags.
Print out a vintage image on heavy cardstock. I found this image on the Graphics Fairy Website. They have some fabulous images…for free!
1. Fill a shallow plate with the glitter color of your choice. 
2. Coat the edges of your cut out image in a thin layer of glue. 
3. Dip the glued edge in the glitter, turning it slowly to cover all glue surfaces. Don’t worry that the glue is not even. It is the imperfection of it that looks handmade.
4. Shake off excess glitter over the plate so that way you can dump back what you do not use into the container of glitter.
5. Lay out to dry and then punch with a hole punch to attach a string, a piece of ribbon or jute.
Stay tuned to see them on a gift wrapped package as well as others that I will highlight!
PS Kids love to do the glitter part!
Happy tagging!

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