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Simple Ways to Use Greens

December 6th

I have 12 minutes left to post a blog tonight to make it before the hand strikes midnight. I said that I would post once a day with little Holiday inspirational tips. The day has gotten away with me but it is a promise I made to myself and one that I would like to withhold so here goes a quick one!

Evergreens…such a beautiful decorating element that does not cost a cent! You can go out in your own backyard, a friends backyard or the woods and cut to your hearts content.
String them together to make a garland. 

Add sparkly white lights and a figure or two.

Tuck some into a basket with pinecone which also can be found everywhere!

Tuck them into a “tree” of pinecones”.

Tuck a couple of sprigs into the ribbon of your packages, behind your mirrors hanging on your wall, into a ribbon or piece of jute tied around the stem of your wine glass….anywhere that can use a simple “sprucing” up of green for the holidays! 

Go out and cut yourself a basketful!

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