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Let Me Introduce You to My Artist Friend

I have referred many times since starting this blog to my “artist friend”. I would like to introduce her to you since we spend such a large amount of time together…in waves…when we are getting ready for the latest Barn Sale…when I have her working on a crazy design idea for our house or when she is sharing a meal with our family in between working her busy days as a faux finish artist and then burning the midnight oil in the barn with me working on “projects.” We met well over 15 years ago and since then have conspired on many design and decorating ideas whilst observing the antics of our growing family. She is a true friend indeed and a phenomenal artist! No project is too big or too daunting for her!
Her name is Jennifer Tipka and you all need to check her out at Jennifertipkadesigns.com
She can turn your ho hum cabinets into something special with paint, she can trim out that long and boring Living room wall to make it stand out and she can paint just about anything…no power tool is a foreign object to her! I am constantly amazed by her ability and her enthusiasm. If she does not know how to do something…she will find out how!!
You will see some of her works this weekend at the Fall Sale…check it out!


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