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Jewelry & Cupcakes…. What more can a girl ask for?

2 Great Things that go great together… 
Jewelry and Cupcakes…and the girls who make them
will be returning to our Fall SaleWe are so pleased to have Jill Harris of Gypsy Flea Market
returning to this show with her newest creations. Jill is a creative visionary who crafts beautiful   jewelry, bags and decorative items. She incorporates vintage materials into her designs to create original one of a kind pieces.


For our spring sale many of you got to sample cupcakes made by Heather. Heather is a talented baker who has started a new business appropriately named…Batter! We are happy to have her joining us again with some exciting new flavors.  Heather’s cupcakes will be available on Saturday, September 22nd so we hope you will stop by!
Sale is less than a week away…so try and make some time to stop by to see these products along with a cache’ of treasures!

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