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It is all in the Packaging

I ordered a copy of a Belgian magazine called Jeanne d’ Arc Living from a beautiful website French Larkspur. I had been admiring the pages that she has highlighted every time I go on the site and I finally pulled the trigger and ordered. I was hoping that the magazine arrived before I headed off to Atlanta for America’s Mart, a fabulous home decor and gift show. That way I could leisurely peruse it on the flight and use the inspiration that I gleaned from the magazine in helping me to make my buying decisions. I love to intersperse the old with some new objects that are designed with the past in mind. So I received the Priority Mail package, ripped it open upon receiving, and was greeted by a lovely wrapped package. What an awesome way to present a decor magazine! A simple tissue wrapped package with a ribbon that held the hand stamped a personalized gift tag as well as a page from an old French book elevated the anticipation of opening the package and taking a peak at the pages. So much so that I could not open it at home and had to wait until I showed it to my friend Chris on the plane (my partner in crime with Life’s Patina.)
It is amazing how an ordinary moment of opening a magazine can become something special with a few simple touches!

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