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Christmas at Willowbrook Farm

Christmas was the “most wonderful” time of the year…as well as the “most hectic”time of the year! I would like to share some photos of how we decked out Willowbrook Farm to ring in the season as well as the New Year.


I love to use natural elements outside as well as neutral colors that can stay up most of the winter…

Our house is a hodge podge of styles due to the fact that the first room was built in 1710 and there have been a series of additions up until the mid 1900’s. This creates an eclectic atmosphere where one room which has 7 foot ceilings and a primitive country feel…
Circa 1710
…leads into another that has 10 foot ceilings and a fish pond in the dining room. This is exactly what I love about the house. Around every corner, there is a surprise! 
What to do with a fish pond in a dining room?…fill it with poinsettias and a focal piece of branches spray painted white and bedecked with vintage postcards, ribbon and pictures.
Dining Room circa 1925 when it was quite chic to put a fish pond indoors!
I had used this same arrangement in the Barn sale to highlight some merchandise that I carry but tweaked it a little to use it in the dining room.
We had to add a tiny table onto the end to accommodate the 17 adults we had for Christmas Eve Dinner. The kids sat at the proverbial “kids” table in the Family Room.
I used my Liberty Blue, Independence Hall Ironstone that I found in an antique shop in upstate Pennsylvania for a song. Not your typical Christmas colors but it works nicely with the white and silver Holiday decor.
One of my favorite features in the whole house is the Butlers Pantry…as my kids always ask, “where is the butler?”
I love to use this spot to lay out the yummy desserts for any gathering that we have. I love the play of the dark wood on the counter, with the dark blue back of the pantry and the greens and sparkle of the lights. Have I told you that I have an obsession with blue????
The Library was added in 1789 and again has a very low beamed ceiling. I use the traditional colors of the season in this room.
I hope that you enjoyed this “After Christmas walk” through some of the rooms in the house that we bedecked for the Holiday season. 
I so hate for it to end…and to take it all down!
“During the holidays, we remember our treasures with fullness of heart and we give thanks for the infinite wonder of love and the sweet blessings of friendship.”
I wish you the wonder of love and the sweet blessing of friendship all through the New Year!
Meg Veno

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