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Celebrate Time…

Artwork by Lisbeth Bucci
I apologize for my absence. Time has a way of seeming to go by more quickly every day, although my husband likes to tell me that we all have the same amount of hours in each day. With the storm clean up and getting ready for a couple of events that Life’s Patina has been involved in, there has not been much time to write.  For those of you who know me, I tend to be “time challenged. ” You can interpret that in a couple of different ways but basically I think that I can achieve more than what is humanly possible in the 24 hours that we all have each day. This has a tendency to cause me to carry my “To-Do” list from one day to the next without it getting any shorter. Anyone relating to that right now?? While we can all relate, there were a few happenings that occurred this weekend that brought to light that we can all do something pretty productive and powerful with that precious time that we all have the same amount of.
This weekend we participated in two events for two fabulous organizations. On Friday, I did some decor for the Hill Top Preparatory School for their event entitled Creative Alliances which was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Trust. Many local artists, Hill Top student and alumni displayed and sold their works and a potion of the proceeds were given back to Hill Top. Fabulous event for a fabulous school that gives children who learn differently a supportive environment for them to reach their potential. Our oldest son graduated from there and it provided an education where his way of learning was not only understood but strengthened.
 When I was finished with the decor, I swung through the Art Show since it was already set up and the above pictured piece caught my eye. It was entitled “Celebrate Time”. Hmmmm…celebrate time. Loved the title and the idea of celebrating it instead of lamenting all the TIME that there is not enough TIME. I promptly purchased the piece to hang in my office to remind me of that celebration of time. I have been a fan of Mixed media art and when I got home, I looked up the artist, Lisbeth Bucci. Wow! Talk about time and accomplishing much in one day! Check her out!
After setting up at Hill Top, later that evening my husband and I attended a 15th Anniversary Gala for the Mommy’s Light Organization. Life’s Patina had partnered with Mommy’s Light at our first barn sale last November. This organization honors the past, celebrates the present and builds the future for families that have lost their mothers. They accomplish this by carrying on traditions that the mother used to do with their children. It is the only bereavement program that celebrates the life of a loved one and helps them stay connected to their mom who is no longer with them. Not a dry eye was in the house as the President Laura Muntz, ( a mom like many of us) described how she started the organization upon the death of her dear friend Mary Murphy. It was Mary’s vision of how her son would keep her present in his life that spurred Laura on. Now 15 years later, they have created and kept Mary’s vision alive as well as the visions of hundreds of children who can no longer SEE their mom but can keep her alive in their traditions that they used to do with her. Nothing strikes at a mom like the thought of us not being there for our kids…heavy stuff…and good stuff for us to see to realize that we should be celebrating time.
All around me, (I realized as I was writing this) people are giving of their TIME to make a difference. How many stories have we heard of in the last few weeks since Hurricane Sandy, of people heading to the stricken areas with trucks of supplies that they have collected from their communities? I know that we as a family having five children have a surplus of extra coats, hats, gloves, blankets etc. We just went through them this weekend to get a collection together to bring to one of our son’s schools where a truck is leaving for that area on Monday.
Another mom I know orchestrates GNO (Girl’s Night Out) with this years benefactor being Alzheimer’s  research and trying to find a cure. This Tuesday night at least 150 woman will exercise, have fun and raise money. Again, all around us are people who give of their TIME to make a difference. That TIME that is such a hot commodity for all of us, can be found that just might not only make a difference not only in the lives of others but in your own in doing so!
The purpose behind this long missive is that we can all find the time…it is free…embrace it and then you just might be more able to celebrate it!
My hat goes off to those that do!


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