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The beauty of Fall…in a table

The Fall colors have been absolutely stunning in the past couple of weeks!
 I set a table last week that was inspired by those beautiful Fall colors. It was also intended to be set for a romantic Anniversary dinner for my husband and I.  Unfortunately our Anniversary came the week that he was released from the hospital after having an emergency appendectomy. Life was crazy busy as I was catching up from the 5 days he was in the hospital and my life was centered around that…instead of the normal every day activities like food shopping. “No problem,” I said to myself as I reviewed the schedule for the following day the night before. “How hard can it be to hit the food store tomorrow?”
I set the table the next morning, planned a menu and then set off for the rest of the days activities…work, two teacher conferences, pick up from a half day of one of the aforementioned teacher conference kiddos. etc.
Flash forward to 6 pm and I am on my way home from last pick up…still have not hit the grocery store to GET the food for the romantic dinner. Do a little reality check and realize that if we want to eat before my still very tired husband falls asleep something other than mac and cheese, I need to forego the beautifully set table and head to the nearest restaurant of anniversary celebratory character!
Okay so sometimes the best laid plans always go to waste? Nor really…just readjusted. Dinner was wonderful out, even though Chris barely made it through without putting his head on his dinner plate AND I got to take pictures of my table to share with all of you! Had I made the dinner I would have been way to rushed to take some pictures of the table before we dug in and enjoyed the meal. Would never have gotten around to resetting it just to take pictures!
 Imagine my husband and youngest sons amused faces as they watched me through the window taking pictures of a table that was still set from 2 nights ago. I am glad that I was their amusement for the day!
Enjoy these Fall days of splendid color…that color will fade to the subdued hues of winter all too quickly!


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