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Burning the Midnight Oil – Getting Ready!

Don’t you just love this shot taken by my friend Chris as she left the barn last night? Yesterday was April 11th…my Birthday. My husband unfortunately had to be out of town and our one daughter just went back to college the day before from spending Easter here at home. That left me and our 3 boys…  our oldest son is away spending Spring Break with his cousin and my parents in North Carolina…to celebrate. Let’s just suffice it to say that the celebration was very quiet. Our 16 year old son never made it out of bed and slept until 3 am THIS morning (he is the one battling an obscure syndrome) so that left our 13 and 10 year old boys to carry the torch. That torch was not burning that brightly after the Math tutoring run, the late pickup from a Lax game and a stop to pick up pizza brought us home nearing 7:45. I was meeting 2 friends in the barn to make, create, and unpack and price shipments. Wouldn’t you know it that each showed up with a CAKE!! They knew the scenario and felt that everyone should at least have a cake for their BD! We ended up saving the ice cream cake so that tonight we can do candles when some of my family will be home. We might as well have wiped the other peanut butter and chocolate dreamy concoction on our thighs for it was incredibly rich, delicious and decadent for we ate way too much. (Who doesn’t need a cake break of that kind at midnight?) If that one friend was not already making a living as an artist she should be making it baking wonderful desserts.
My world is certainly enriched by friends like these! Thank you to all of my friends and family, near and far who gave me a shout out full of BD wishes. I hope that your world is enriched by friends such as these! (as well as family members who send flowers along with those BD wishes)
I will return later with progress on how burning that midnight oil is coming along!

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