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Summer Fun Decor

I know that Summer is a bit away yet, but some of the merchandise that I have been unpacking and setting up makes me think of those warm lazy days and cookouts in the waning light as the fireflies begin their dance. Spring has just sprung and I am already jumping the gun to the next season! These products that we found at the Atlanta show make me want to do just that so I am going to share two of my favorites with you.
Cake Vintage unveiled their new product line and we love these crab placemat pads that are made out of 100% recycled Kraft paper. They come in a tear off pad of 50. Can’t you just see them at a crab picking instead of newspaper? We will have these and other styles at the sale later this month.
Cheese or dessert papers that are food safe and water resistant…no soggy paper here!
Wouldn’t it be great to use this large tray to hold the crabs and the large bowl to hold the shells as you are picking out the crab meat over the Kraft paper placemats? They are from a beautiful line of Enamelware that we also found at the Atlanta show. They can go from stove to tabletop and they are dishwasher safe. We also have a lobster pattern for those Maine Lobster lovers!
Come see us in the barn on April 20-22nd! All sorts of decor and gift items await that will bring you from Spring into Summer seamlessly and in style!

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