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Braving the Heat

I just wanted to shout out a thank you to our friends who braved the heat to come out and shop today!
We will now be taking the next two months to purchase, make and create for our next big Barn Sale and Event that will be held September 21st through the 23rd.
In between those “makin and creatin” days I will have to take some time to pick the peaches that are ripe and…
run far away from the dumpster that was dropped off in front of our garage today…time to clean out the last area of the barn and the garage. Ugh! ¬†Anything that cannot be given a new life as something else or with someone else will have to be dumped. Those of you who know me, know how obsessed I am with recycling…don’t worry…I will not relinquish my stance just because I have this great big garbage can in my back yard but if you saw the rooms I am talking about…you would understand!
I will also be squeezing in a little summer entertaining so stay tuned for some COOL Summer ideas!
Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”
~Russel Baker
Happy Heat Wave~


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