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Words of Thanksgiving

When I started this barn sale idea six years ago, I spent a year working on the revitalization of this magnificent structure. I sent out invitations to friends, created a Facebook page and a website to get the word out. My husband, “the sign man” put out signs along the road to direct people to the farm. I pitched the idea to a friend who gave her business mind and talent to help make all of this come true. People came… slowly  and being a little surprised by what they found…some came back some did not. Some sales were well attended and some were not. Friends helped price the merchandise and staff the sales. It was definitely a grass roots effort to help preserve and give a purpose to a beautiful old dairy barn and to an approaching middle age, stay at home mom of five children. Those early sales were an exercise in perseverance.  Many times, after spending months on a sale and having few attendees, I would ask myself, “why?”  


Word has seemed to have caught on about what we are doing in the barn and the experiences we are trying to create. Our little sales have gained momentum, giving me the opportunity to hire an incredible full time employee, Maggie, who shares many of my visions and some other wonderful part timers, creating a strong and fun team. This growth has enabled me to flex my creative muscles in many fulfilling ways;  to bring you even more ideas that you yourself might be able to incorporate into your own home. To spend a bit more time on writing where I hope my words can pull a chord in your heart or where you might be able to relate to experiences that you have found challenging or stirred thoughts that have sat deep in your soul. To plan some unique classes, experiences and events for the new year.


Growth comes with growing pains and even though some of those might be challenging,  we have so very much to be thankful for as we think about breaking bread this Thanksgiving.  We thank you all profusely for patiently standing in the lines while you are here, for not being too disappointed when the item you had your eye on but did not pick up, disapperard when you went back for it. For being so incredibly kind to our vendors here who are starting, or are in the midst of creating their own businesses. They always say that we have the nicest customers here. For weathering the elements when you come here, for in its simplest terms, Life’s Patina is housed in a barn and we feel the elements in a barn. For appreciating the little details that we try to incorporate in each of our vignettes and for liking the selection of merchandise that we house here.


Maggie and I hit the ground running the day after the barn doors closed on our Holiday sale, ordering new product, hitting the road for new vintage merchandise, planning and brainstorming new ideas for checking people out and ideas for presenting the new merchandise in an inspirational way as we get ready for our Christmas Open House. A sale whose primary focus will be Christmas in all of it’s glory. Where you can shop in a rejuvenating festively decorated barn for gifts and decor, find that piece of furniture you have been looking for, take home some wrapping, decorating and festive ideas that you can capture with your own personality at home.


We are so very thankful for each and every one of you, this Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the conversations you have given us, the experiences you have shared, the kuddos and well wishes and most of all…  the support you have shown us which in turn supports this structure that has housed inhabitants that were a huge part of our area, as many of these farmsteads were, from whose past we can learn from. The integrity, the beauty and the hardiness of these buildings that fill our township and our country are not to be ignored, they need to be repurposed, to be given another life so that the lives of those who have gone before us can be recognized and admired.  These structures are works of art today whereas their origins were simply ones of purpose.  


At this Thanksgiving, we wish you peace, thankful hearts, beauty when it is hard to find and hope.


Happy Thanksgiving! 

xoxo Meg, Maggie and team

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  1. Paula Bedwell says:

    Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!!

  2. Cindy Coble says:

    Enjoyed reading this and your words carry over into the vibe of the barn. I always love visiting and just being there! It’s a feel good experience always!
    I teach knitting if you’re interested in having a class or workshop.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours????

  3. Dowd says:

    Hi Meg,this is Marianne’s mom Anne. She has said so much about your beautiful barn that I hope some day my husband and I can visit. We wish you much success in your wonderful endeavor . L

    • Meg Veno says:

      Hi Anne! So so good to hear from you! I would love to have you visit one time! We should schedule something where both of you could visit! We hope that you all had a beautiful holiday together and again… would love to see you!

  4. Aileen says:

    Your blogs are wonderful! You write well and your insights are shared by so many of us who have watched you grow. Your team is friendly and always helpful, whether checking to see if there isn’t one more of something or seeing if an item can be reordered from the vendor. We will continue coming to see what new and creative ideas will dazzle our eyes this holiday season. God Bless….

    • Meg Veno says:

      Dear Aileen,
      Thank you for reading and for your support through the years! We so appreciate you making the effort to fit the sales into your schedule and visit. Your comment on the girls who work behind the counter are very appreciated as well. They work hard and usually in temps that are a little challenging. We LOVE them and you! Happy New Year!
      xx Meg