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barn & garden


rent the
barn & garden

After many years of searching, our family found our labor of love in the form of Willowbrook Farm. A fifteen acre swath of pure heaven that stemmed from an original William Penn Land Grand in the 1700’s, its evolution intrigued us and its architectural beauty of an understated European aesthetic lured us in. As we renovated many of its buildings that comprised this once extensive dairy farm, I began to use old architectural salvage items quite consistently in the design. Uncovering the layers of Willowbrook Farm in both its story and its buildings, we fell more deeply in love with the uneven stone walls, old wood and stone buildings, the brick and stone pathways, and unusual additions and oddities that make up the buildings of this farm. Deeply living the renovation of this historic farm spurred us on to share its story and its beauty with others… thus Life’s Patina at Willowbrook Farm was born. We invite you to partake in its beauty and aura.

1750 N Valley Rd, Malvern, PA

Farm History

Life's Patina aims to celebrate the beauty of life both past and present with its barn sales, shops, cafe, and barn venue. We live and breathe for restoring old structures, all things vintage, and unique, approachable design.

barn & garden

1750 N Valley Rd, Malvern, PA

1750 N Valley Rd, Malvern, PA




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