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We All Need a Great Pair of Legs!


Were these not the legs you were thinking of? Got you didn’t I?

One of the things that I have loved doing for years and that we now do here at Life’s Patina is to give new life to old objects. One of my favorite ways to do this is to add legs, of all shapes and sizes to pieces that we find that gives them a new found purpose. Iron trestle legs are one of my favorites to add onto a great slab of wood to make a Dining table. I love the contrast of great wood with iron and metal. We will have this table along with two pairs of beautiful iron trestle legs available at our next sale.


Vintage Singer sewing bases always make for sound and interesting legs of tables, as well as vintage industrial carts. We love when pieces that we find have wheels on them for it helps tremendously when moving them, especially if they are heavy. Like this fabulous cubby we found but after moving it, realized there needed to be an easier way…castor wheels! This piece as well, is getting a sanding and a paint wash! Wouldn’t it make an interesting wine cubby with bottles and glasses or linen and blanket storage?


Sometimes we add small castor wheels to lift pieces off the ground enough to take a table to coffee table height. This was an industrial mold that we added castors to. We have some sanding to do on it, waxing and then a glass top. Makes for a very unique piece since the interior of the mold is silver.


Fabulous set of vintage iron wheels on this piece that you will have to come and visit in person!


Besides wheels, we love finding beautiful architectural salvage pieces like this corbel which we added a base and a round table top to to make a fabulous end table.


These are not quite “legs” but they do support the old door that we mounted them to which when hung on a wall, creates a great bar or table space when you have a small space.


We found these claw foot tub legs and thought they would be really cool if we added them to this old trunk that we had added iron hinges onto to make it a functional storage and coffee table piece. Again, a little sanding and waxing to be done and we have a finished piece!


Iron plumbing pipes always make for interesting bases and supports of tables and shelves. This one supports a vintage zinc wrapped table top which makes it a great piece for outdoors.


Hairpin legs were added to this awesome cubby with zinc lined drawers to bring up the height and create a stand alone piece.


So…now that we have worked on, added and shored up a variety of leg options for these pieces, it might be time to work on my own set that contains a torn meniscus. Maybe tomorrow…

All the pieces that you have just seen are still “works in progress” and will be coaxed and pampered to bring out their inner beauty that has been diminished by years of dirt, dust and normal wear and tear. They all have fabulous bones though! Come check out the finished products at the upcoming Fall Sale on September 14th, 16th, 17th and 18th.  Feel free to use some of these ideas on your own cast off objects that you have kept to give them a makeover.

Happy DIY!


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  1. Ken Sadler says:

    Love seeing repurposed projects as there is always some thing fresh, interesting and exciting out there. Glad I found your website and blog.

    • Meg Veno says:

      Glad you found us as well Ken! I am amazed by the creativity and inventiveness that is out there too! Learning and taking it all in Ken…each and every day. Hope you continue to do so as well~

  2. debbie says:

    Meg – amazing new life (legs). Love your vision and delightful & clever match making. You are a creative genius. I might rent a U-Haul and visit your fall sale. xo

    • Meg Veno says:

      Ha! Ha! Debbie!! Love the use of your “match making”! You are welcome to come pay us a visit anytime…any concerts in the area??? 🙂
      xoxo Meg