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Thank you for Coming!

Hello! It was spectacular to see everyone who came to our Barn Sale and Show this past weekend! We enjoyed meeting some new friends and seeing the faces of old and dear ones.  The weather was beautiful until the front came through on Saturday night and the temps dropped a good 20 degrees. That kept us all on our toes on Sunday as we were dodging the rain drops. Even though this weather change put a damper on things it did enable us to take time to have some great conversations and learn a little more about the people who were braving the elements to check us out.

We also got to meet Meredith, from Hives for Lives, who was an impressive young woman who helped us to learn more about their organization. They are working hard to help fund an END to cancer. Huge admiration is sent their way as well as to the many new friends and supporters that they made at the show.

A huge thank you and kudos to my friends who helped me make this second sale a reality! To you all… Thanks for coming and stay tuned for our next scheduled sale the weekend of June 2nd.  Preview photos to follow soon!

All the best ~ Meg

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