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Subtle Beauty

In this glaring, mass produced world of the shiniest, biggest and loudest is the best, (have you watched an advertisement for a movie recently?) the understated simplicity of this decades old advertisement stopped us in our tracks in New York city. Funny that the many colored neon blinking signs we passed that lured wary buyers inside, did not. Okay, we stopped at one or two to comment on the price of a dress or wonder “who would wear that?” I am sure that it was once brighter hued but even in it’s brand spanking newness, it had an air of subtlety and dignity as well as a simple beauty.  The elements have worn away the paint surfaces so that you can even peak at the bricks beneath…this kind of patina makes me swoon! Wish we could go back…

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  1. KSeifert says:

    Nothing like the beauty of an old brick building…