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historic yellow springs


Shhhh….I was stripping last night…

this awesome hutch.  Underneath the 7 layers of paint, scratched into the wood were the initials J. S. and the date 1908. Seeing that was worth the 7 plus hours it has taken to strip this piece! (an hour a layer, not bad!)
 We found various hues of black, grey, gold, purple, blue and green underneath the white paint that graced its surface when we bought it. It sure has had many lives…maybe purple for a girl’s bedroom? gold to snazz it up a bit for a more dressy look in the 70’s? the grey was quite horrid so have no idea what that would have been!
The white layer was too damaged to leave as is but the piece had great hardware and we could see from the wood inside that it was solidly built and unique.
You will have to come to Barn Sale to see how it turned out!

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