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Plein Air Festival in the Barn


On Monday evening, we were thrilled to host the Wayne Art Center’s Plein Air Festival Kick Off Dinner. With the weather a little iffy, we sweated it out a bit and set up inside but after a few showers, the skies cleared and the artists were able to meet and greet each other in the barn courtyard. The Plein Air Festival takes place over a weeks long span, when thirty nationally recognized artists from around the nation, converge in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Here, and within a twenty mile radius they paint local landscapes, in the “plain” air, in whatever the weather conditions may be. We have had the artists paint here at Willowbrook for the last three years and it has been truly amazing to see what they create outdoors in a short period of time. We will post some of their work as the week progresses.


For now, here are some photos that capture the evening’s festivities.

 IMG_2048We can never have too many flowers at an event in the barn, but this time I literally cut these from bushes outside, moments before the party started and haphazardly arranged them in a silver urn.


The band the Wheelhouse kicked things up a notch and hopefully they will come back to a future event in the barn. It is the first time we have had a live band and the acoustics were phenomenal…as well as The Wheelhouse!


We had our inventory refreshed a bit so even though we are in the middle of pick ups and delivery from our past sale, we had enough goodies to peruse from if one so desired.



I used this fun garden cart made from reclaimed items to stand in as a beverage holder.


We served mini desserts that were prepared by Jimmy Duffy Caterers in mini chicken feeders.


The party ended with so much good will and energy for the artists to bring to their canvases the next day. They hit the sites of the preselected homes and gardens and began to work their magic. Our chickens were so honored to be a part of the artwork!

photo 1

Today, the Wayne Art Center held an Art Class on the farm and it was so cool to view them as they worked so up close and personal. Between the class and the Plein Air Artists we had a wonderful creative energetic vibe going on outside the entire day and well into the sunset!

photo 2

I apologize for the graininess of these photos but I was taking them from the windows of the house so I could get candids.

photo 3

We will hopefully catch some of their finished works tomorrow and I will be sure to post more photos.

For more information on the entire Plein Air Event at the Wayne Art Center, check out the link below! All of the artist’s work will be displayed at an exhibit at the Center from Saturday night through June 27th. You should definitely try to get on over and see it!


~with true inspiration


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  1. Meg — I cannot think of a more inspiring place for artists than to paint at Willowbrook Farm! Thank you for your continuing generosity to the community and for always supporting the arts and historic preservation!

    • Meg Veno says:

      Pattye, thank you so much for your comment! We truly do love to support the arts and the area in which we live for we are so fortunate to live here! Hope you are doing well!! xoxo Meg