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One Good Egg

This past weekend I helped style a Fundraiser at my oldest son’s former school. The school is for children who learn differently and they do an incredible job with helping each child to reach his or her potential. Just like no two eggs are exactly alike, they recognize the beauty of each of these individual children and they do it with dedication, love and talent. When Christopher attended the school, I always helped out where I could with their benefits, auctions and fundraisers to help them help the kids and I was honored when this year they asked me to help style the event which was entitled Snowflakes and Bubbles. What a great theme for this time of year! I could picture lots of snowflakes, white and silver, lots of glitter, candle light and of course champagne…thus the bubbles. 

My first purchase from the New York Home and Gift Show were these beautiful hand painted blown out eggs. They were so sparkly on the Christmas trees and I had many left so I decided to use them as the favor for the benefit. I printed up a little tag that read, “Nurture a new life of Hope and Promise in every student.” I then punched a hole in the tag and attached it to the silky ribbon from the egg. I added a touch of glitter and then stacked them in a crystal bowl for the guests to take as a remembrance of the positive impact they were making on each and every one of the students by attending this event.

Thank you to those of you who make a difference each and every day in the life of a child!

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  1. Pam says:

    The Mansion looked amazing Saturday Night. You did a wonderful job setting the stage for a fun and successful party/fundraiser. Thank you so much. The school is blessed to have you as a friend.