Okay little fellas…

Okay little fellas…
 Can you please cut out the clowning around and help me whip this barn into shape so that we can open up this Friday and spread some Christmas cheer and merriment? It is good publicity for you guys you know!
Don’t worry, that big guy hasn’t lost his head over Christmas yet.

There are tables to be cleared.

Tables to be vignetted.

Dresses to be made…can’t very well let the young lady go skirt less now can we?

Lanterns need to be lit…

and Santa’s need to be sorted.
Come on now…let’s get to work! 
Only 5 more days until our doors open up

Now please come down from that moonbeam and head on over as soon as you can! 
  1. KSeifert says:

    I just love those elves!!!

  2. KSeifert says:

    I just love those elves at the top!