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New York New York~ Inspiration Abounds

I just spent a decadent day and a half in New York City and talk about refueling on inspiration…this is the place to do it!  One would think that with the focus of design that we do here at Life’s Patina being mostly objects that reflect the past, how could that be so? How could a woman with a barn filled with old chippy rusty things that sits at the end of a  country like tree lined lane be inspired by New York City?  Aren’t they to far removed to coincide? Isn’t New York City a modern trendy city that is an urban oasis of all that is hip and at the cutting edge?  Fashion and design seems to start in Europe and then immigrate it’s way across the ocean to reach New York city first. It is the mecca for the avant garde, the ultimate melting pot of  past designs and influences merging with the present to create an ever evolving style and atmosphere that is undeniably and uniquely… New York City.

Who could not be influenced and inspired by the sights, sounds and feelings that New York City invokes? From the blur of faces that pass you by as one hustles down the street, to the smell of roasting chestnuts on the street corner, to the hum of the city punctuated by the horns of the “impatient” New York taxi as they try to snake their way through the crowded streets, to the lights of neon signs boasting of the cities must see eateries and attractions, blinking “come inside.”The “alive-ness” of the city is palpable and exciting.
The  feast for the eyes, is what inspires me the most, for I am a true visual.
The visuals here are much sharper and vivid than what I normally see and am attracted to but they make one feel alive. Their beauty reflects the talents of millions who have made their stamp on this city and continue to do so.
The colors of the facades of the buildings and the textures, the varying heights and building materials all  based on the time period by which they were constructed in. Blending in seamlessly with each other.

Inspiration is found everywhere!

From the the historical and beautifully elegant architecture of days gone by.

To the billboards of arousing and thought provoking live entertainment that make one wonder, how can there be so many talented passionate people that come together to entertain and bring people to their feet cheering wildly or crying secretly right alongside?

 The taping of a live show causes uncontrollable laughter brought on by the witty comedy created by a team of talented writers and one heck of a great comedian and presenter.

A jaunt through Grand Central Market makes one want to stop and take pictures of the beautifully arranged and plentiful varieties of food. Why does food not look like this where I live?

Design inspiration is everywhere.

A jaunt through a well designed retail store, makes one stop and take pictures (this particular one, might not be the norm for most people).

Anyone notice a trend to what “this one” is drawn to?
Blue glorious blue…
Coming full circle, if you need a good laugh, a good cry, a jolt of energy to your senses, a feast for the eyes, a dose of inspiration, pay a visit to  New York City. 
I think you will find what you are looking for!
If you make your visit with a group of great girl friends, your inspiration will overflow…for aren’t we all inspired by an immersion in the lives of our friends and by each other? Come on, think back to your sleepover days. Weren’t they the best? Thank you for inspiring me as well…my sleep over friends!
With sincere wishes for you to fill up your inspirational cup~


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  1. Priscilla says:

    A beautifully photographed and well written memory of the trip to NYC. So THAT’S what you were doing on the train ride home while the rest of us were practically dozing off! You never waste a minute Meg!

  2. Lifes Patina says:

    Thank you my friend! I knew that if I did not start it on the train ride home…it would be a lot more difficult to get it done later and I felt that I had to write about the trip. It truly” filled up my cup” so to speak, in many facets so thank you dear friend for the sleep over!!