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Musings from Scotland~Day 2

We got a late start today for a variety of reasons:
1) The jet lag on already limited hours of sleep.
2) Waking up Shane is like waking the poor souls who were buried beneath the magnificent tombstones we saw at St. Andrews earlier in the day.
3) My husband felt the Old Links calling to him as Shane and I crashed in our room at 4 pm yesterday. He snuck out to squeeze in a round of gold by himself since there were no tee times for him during the day for there is a tournament going on here. Crazy golfer got back to room at 11pm! It stays light here until that time.

All that I can say is that our 2nd day equaled the first and if I had to leave tomorrow I would be totally satiated sensory wise by all that we had taken in in only 2 days time in Scotland! I am so very glad that it is not the case and while we will be leaving St. Andrews tomorrow, we will be heading towards another experience of sights and sounds in the capital city of Edinburg.
We ate a late breakfast where we drank lots of caffeine so that we would be totally alert for the other side of the road driving experience and the multiple roundabouts. After only one misfire on a roundabout and  two or three close calls almost knocking off the mirrors of cars parked on the side of the road, we made it safely to Glamis Castle about a 45 minutes drive through the verdant countryside. Unfortunately the skies were dark grey and the pictures that I took are hard to discriminate where the dark green lands and the dark skies merged. Hopefully better weather on our ride tomorrow. That did not dampen our spirits and our jaws dropped as our eyes alighted on the castle. My first real, honest to goodness castle, in its flesh of aged stone, right before my eyes!
This castle is made famous by Shakespeare, although his writings were untrue about what happened here but it is still owned by the same family that it was built by SEVEN HUNDRED years ago!! No photography was allowed inside but if your travels ever bring you to this neck of the woods in Scotland, it is a must see. I also found out that Queen Elizabeth’s sister was Princess Margaret Rose. Ahem…that is my name! Well, not the princess part although it totally makes sense now! My dad used to try and wake me up as a teenager ( I began my night owl habits then so mornings were not my cup of tea..) by announcing quite loudly, “Margaret Rose, it is time to wake up, your polo ponies are waiting.” I knew what came next if I heard those words, a cup of water was politely splashed on my face.
 Speaking of tea…it is my favorite and I think I died and went to heaven here! I can have tea anytime of the day and in a real tea pot and tea cup! Strange coincidence that the pot they served mine in today when I coerced Shane and Chris to have tea with me, matches ones that my grandmother Nan gave me. And guess what? they have roses on them!
As I mentioned before, our senses have been filled to the brim with all that we have experienced so far. I will post some pictures to give you a feeling. 
The quintessential cottage with smoke billowing from the chimney. Imagine how that smelled…

Scottish cattle (this one is for you Cam!)

A door along the street ensconced in flowering vines…yet again

The window box outside of the restaurant we ate dinner at…

The Doll’s House…tucked in a small side street.

Chimneys’ outlined in the sky. These are everywhere and I feel like I am on the set of Mary Poppins.

Delightful meat and cheese shops.

Another rainbow…almost!

But the crowning moment of the day came at the end when Chris and Shane were able to walk on the Old Links Course of St. Andrews, one of the oldest and most historic of courses, and get their picture in front of the club…
As well as on Swilcan Bridge.
Here, you would have thought Chris had died and gone to heaven. I am so very glad that he was able to share this experience with one of his sons. What history, architecture and design are to me…golf is to Chris.
It was an honor to walk this course with them and take their picture from behind as the sun was beginning to set at 10 pm. Cold and windy as the dickens…but an honor never the less!
It is an honor to be able to share this blog with you on my trip and parts of my life! I feel that we all can learn so much and experience so much through others as well as through the past. It took me 40 something years to get here and some of us might never get where they have dreamed of going but a peak into someone’s dreams might spark even more desire to make their dreams a reality. 
Until tomorrow~

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