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Life’s Patina Customer Finds: Where They End Up

My favorite part about Life’s Patina is finding the pieces that we fill the barn with. Some have been pulled from old barns, some have been sourced from stores, small shoppes and scored from  relationships we have formed with people who, as we do, love saving and repurposing objects from the past. Probably just as much as scoring a find and bringing it back to the barn ranks high in the satisfaction category, even more delight is felt when someone walks into the barn and finds that “perfect” piece or accessory that they want to add to their own home decor. We love it when we get photos of the pieces in their new home so we decided to share some of these newfound homes with you.
coffee table Our customers here thought this map table might be the perfect fit as a coffee table for their outdoor porch. They wasted no time in sealing it with the mixture of turpentine and marine varnish that we recommended to help it weather the elements. The table is perfectly sized for this space and looks great doesn’t it?

table 2

Our customer here, asked us if we could make a coffee table out of an old shutter that she could use either in front of the couch side by side or that she could split up and move around to the side of the couch and use it as a side table. Great idea!


We have received photos of how accessory objects are styled in their new home and we love the creativity used.


Wow! This one armed settee looks amazing in this bedroom! Who would not want to spend some time in this beautiful corner of this room?

We LOVE how people think about using some of our architectural pieces! This extremely heavy vintage French window frame and shutters looks stunning on the wall of this kitchen!
wall decor 2

This was a piece I had a really hard time letting go but when I see a photo like this, it makes it all that much easier knowing that it truly has found its perfect home.

wall decor

How about this mantel piece? It has just enough patina to give this room a warm and lived in feel. We love what the customer did with it!

We love old ladders and this one looks great as a blanket holder propped up against a wall in this family room.
ladder 2

We have a fettish for all things holiday…especially Christmas…so to see how some of our decor is used in other people’s homes to help them celebrate, makes us smile. Much thought is put into what merchandise to order for our Holiday Sales so to see it brought home to someone else’s abode and how they use it is truly special.

Ahhh…our birch deer…loved these guys so much and have not been able to reorder them again. So glad this one stands at the center of this beautiful kitchen table.

Have we told you that we have an addiction to old silver? Well we do and we love how this customer utilized pieces she found in the barn along with a few other goodies.

deer 2

displayChristmas trees and silver..two great things that look even better together!


This vignette looks fabulous with the grey, silver and white accouterments that our customer purchased that she knew would fit on her new kitchen mantle range hood.

These photos tell their own stories of how shoppers at the barn have taken some of our pieces and made them their own.   We so appreciate the time and effort it took for our customers to send us the above photos.  If you are pleased with how something you purchased here at Life’s Patina met your expectations of how it would fit in your home, please send a photo to us via email and we will update the showcase periodically.

mantle 2

We cannot wait for the finished photos of this beautiful fireplace project that is going on right now with one of our mantels. Stunning!

Keep them coming…

and we will continue to search the highways and byways for unique pieces for you to showcase in your home.

~ xx Meg

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  1. Loved this! I hope to see many more posts like this one.

    • Meg Veno says:

      Hi Heather,
      Glad you liked this post! We have a part two waiting in the wings for we have so many cool photos that people have sent us. Stay tuned! xxx