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It’s Ready…now comes the fun part!

 After months of cleaning, purging, and refinishing… the barn is ready! Ready for what my husband asks “…a great Octoberfest Party?, maybe a huge Football Party with a big screen?, a Man Cave????” “Honey,” I say, “you know what this is for…antiques and old stuff…you would fit right in! “Ha! Ha! he says, as well as a few other choice words.
 He has listened to me and my dream for quite a while now and has helped make it come true. Now that all the kids are back in school, I have been busy ordering some awesome unique finds, putting together with my artist friend Jennifer some cool new recycled pieces and painting, crafting and creating. I will be highlighting some of these pieces each week that will be available at the First Barn Sale Event in November.
Look at the empty space that I have to display and create with! Can you imagine this old bank barn filled to the brim with hay for the dairy cows that they raised here?
These old stairs will be great to display items on! The kids say that it is going to be their stage to jam on…
 Come visit weekly to see how the barn is coming to life again as a wonderful house of unique objects with a “patina.” Some are new and some carry with them a history as well, just as the barn does.

“Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings.” 
                                              Jane Jacobs

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