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Is Mother Nature Fooling with Us?

Our heaviest snow was in mid October and now it is 62 degrees in February. We are all a little befuddled and confused…should I put away the snow gear or we going to get a one two punch in March and April?
Even the flowers are confused…crocuses come up early but this early?
I will sorely miss seeing these guys in March when their early appearance signals that Spring is truly right around the corner.
The daffodils are almost tall enough to start budding. I hope that their fragile blooms are not cut short by snowfall. Although everyone in our house is clamoring for one full blown snow storm which I do have to agree, I am pining for as well…before the daffodils bloom! I have missed the hush that envelopes the countryside that a snowstorm brings. As well as the roaring fire, hot chocolate, rosy cheeks, sledding, wet snow clothes, many trips to the dryer, sloshy tracks across the kitchen floor (both children and dogs), more hot chocolate… Well maybe missing out on that experience every once in a while is not too bad??
Didn’t the groundhog predict that there was going to be six more weeks of winter?
He probably “said” that so we would not check on our Spring beauties and he could get to them first!
Whatever season you are experiencing, may you enjoy it to the fullest…wet snow clothes and all!

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