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House Beautiful Magazine 1925

I just returned home from vacation to open up this package that I had ordered a while ago…an original article from the House Beautiful Magazine from 1925! I could hardly contain my excitement for the article was about our house at Willowbrook Farm AND it had pictures!!!!!!!!
I got an email  from the President of the Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust asking if I knew about this article that was currently on sale on e-bay.  We are participating in the trust’s historic homes tour in September and she had just visited our home. While here, she got an ear full on the house’s history, compliments of yours truly…have I told you that I am passionate about history and the history of houses in particular?
I went on the link that she sent me and sure enough, there was the article for sale from a company called Period Papers. (awesome site by the way) I bought it and then had to wait until we got home to view it. Upon seeing it in the pile of mail once home, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to dive into the surprises that awaited them! My excitement barely contained, I carefully opened it and you would have thought it was a diamond ring, a great pair of shoes, or whatever else girls are supposed to get all stupefied over …
NOT this girl! In front of my eyes were real pictures of OUR house in 1925. We have often wondered what is still the same and what has been changed and these pictures answered some of the questions that we have slowly been uncovering.
Now if only the walls would start talking to me…I would be the happiest girl alive!
Shhhh…better not announce that too publicly or they might take me away!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So cool to be able to look back at the history!

  2. ItsJustMeg says:

    so awesome! can’t wait to hear about it!