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Happy Summer Solstice!

Wow! Look at those colors! Can Mother Nature get it any more perfectly than that?
or that?
I apologize for my lack of activity on the blog after the Barn Sale…lots of wrap up from the sale and it was the last week of school for the kids. At the end of the week we were lucky enough to kick off our Summer with a celebratory 50th Anniversary trip for my husband’s parents to Mexico. It was our family’s first visit there and we were all wowed by the natural beauty all around us! Tons of family time with my husband’s brothers and their families.
We went jet skiing.
 We swam with the dolphins and snorkeled…the waters are filled with beautiful creatures…
and the land is filled with…creatures. We had to watch our step!
We watched thrilling fire shows,
and peacefully built sand “turtles.”
I was inspired by the local colorful floral and fauna. Just beautiful! I am working on a post linking those colors together with design style. (keep checking back)
But most importantly…we enjoyed spending time as a family! (sorry missing one child…we did not get one picture with all of us together except for the last night when we had the hotel photographer take shots of the 17 of us…they are on a disk and I have not loaded them yet) That is what summer is all about it! You don’t have to go away to enjoy activities together…you just have to put a little preparation into planning some light activities. As we all know our kids grow up more quickly than we ever expected and before you realize it they are off to conquer the world. Our daughter leaving for college, has made that realization hit a little closer to home. It makes us realize that the others are not far behind her. In response, we have tightened the reins a little in bringing us all together and setting up activities that all of us want to participate in.
Use the internet to find out about interesting happenings that are going on in your area that you might like to do as a family. In our area you can sign up for the Main Line Neighbors emails that will come to your mailbox weekly. We have found that to be a great source. Check out your location to see if there are event sites that will do the same. One such site that is nationwide is Patch.com
You type in your town or township after Patch and those in your area will come up. You can then sign up to get a daily email with news articles from your town as well as all the special events going on.
You can even stay in your own back yard…literally!  This Saturday night is the Great American Backyard Campout. Pitch a tent or visit backyardcampout.org to find out more info!
Get creative and best wishes for a summer with slower days, later dinners that can be enjoyed outside  and bonding with family and friends!
 FYI ~ Summer Solstice is another name for the 1st day of summer

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