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Father’s Day Gift Guide

We, at Life’s Patina, adore all things vintage… objects that have been loved before that have found their way to the back of someones garage, closet, attic, barn and the likes and unfortunately sometimes to the trash. Objects that were truly made to last, whose form is often just as beautiful as the function it was created for. We love to find ways to utilize these objects when the intent for their original creation is no longer relevant in today’s world. Thinking outside the box, these items can often beautify and give character to areas in your own living and working spaces.

In gifting for Father’s Day this year, we have put together a little guide. This guide combines some of our favorite vintage items that we have repurposed into serving another function or we have utilized them for decor in another way along with some of our newly ordered items that mix well with the former. We think that all of these featured items that are available on our online shop, would make great gifts for that Dad in your life as you celebrate this Father’s Day!

These fire extinguishers look nothing like the ones we hide under our kitchen sink in today’s world! Made out of iron and copper, their finish and fonts are beautiful and displayed alone make a decor statement that adds character to a family room or office, especially if your special Dad is or was a firefighter or just appreciates vintage.

Made out of mahogany, brass and glass this vintage balance weight scale primarily used in pharmacies or by jewelers are beautiful in their own rite. Sitting on a book shelf or a desk, they make for an interesting conversation piece, especially if the man you are gifting for works in the fields for which this object had been used for in the past.

These iron horses are reproductions that are stunning as is!


These wooden shoe forms are beautiful in their original state of solid wood carved to the form it is in now. The patina on the wood is gorgeous and these can be used to display photos or notes on a desk. They are also so very pretty tucked under glass.


This is a gorgeous Lazy Susan made from vintage wine barrels. Utilized in a bar or kitchen setting they make wonderful gifts for the wine and food loving dad!


A great accessory item for the home bar are these brass stirring spoons. With their long handles and diminutive spoon end, they fit in a variety of shaped glasses to mix up the perfect cocktail in style.

Bonus Tip: If you’re looking for a great Bloody Mary recipe for Father’s Day morning, check out my past blog here


Throw in a bold beverage towel and you have a cute gift to present to your cocktail loving dad.


These are perfect next to the bed. A glass water carafe and cup all in one!


I love to frame vintage architectural prints and blueprints and these, printed on beautiful cream vintage paper are no different. These would be stunning framed and hung in an office space.


Vintage books are one of my favorite decor items! When selected for the recipient for their color palette or their subject matter or title, I love to present them as gifts.


Again, gifting books is a favorite of mine so these leather bound journals make a great gift.  With their beautiful quotes stamped into the covers and their thick beautiful paper pages, they are the perfect place to record thoughts, lists and the likes for the writer.


Who does not love a great scented candle? These inspired by well known cocktails are the perfect addition to a room and there are other scents available in our online shop.


No words needed… a fabulous conversation piece when sitting on a bookshelf, desk, curio or sideboard.

How about these Flikr mini tabletop fire pits? We are loving these and made in America they are a surefire hit. They use isopropyl alcohol to burn so no odor or marring smoke is created from them. Burning on a tabletop indoors they create a warm ambience or used outside they are even functional to roast marshmallows!

These glass magnifiers that also double as a paperweight can assist with the eyes that need a little help these days!

When gifting, I love to really give some thought into the interests and likes of the recipient and think outside the box. What might they love to receive that they just might not purchase themselves? That is how I gift. If one of these items does not fit your Dad, husbands or sons who you might be gifting this Father’s Day, then please stop in our Barn on Wednesday June 9th between 10 and 5 pm, when we will be open next to shop in person.  We have a large selection of furnishings and gift items that might catch your eye… and the eye of the special man who has been a staple in your life of love and laughter.

And to all… may your day of celebration in honor of the men in your life who have been incredible role models to you or your children be memorable as we gather together again. If your Dad or husband lives on in your memories, may those memories continue to live in your heart and fuel your days.




P.S. Our Father’s Day order deadline for items ordered in our online shop is Monday, June 14th so make sure to place your online orders before then to ensure they arrive in time for Father’s Day! 


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