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We just came back from a trip to Hamilton Virginia to visit Ekster Antiques. Carolyn and her husband Jon-Paul have Barn Sales on their property and in their former dairy barn a few times a year. We have yet to experience one for there has always been a conflict…so we made an appointment. Seven hours later, we loaded up our trailer, dusted off our hands, grabbed a Starbucks and made the four hour ride home. Loved every minute of it, from the almost 3 and half hours it took for us to make the first pass through all the fabulous finds cured from various European Countries to the painstaking decisions of what to take home with us. Carolyn has an unbelievable eye and a lovely warm personality to boot!We will have some of the finds available tomorrow at our one day Summer Sale. The weather is cooperating in that it is leaving us no doubt that we have begun Summer. Can it get any hotter?

Hope to see you tomorrow!


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