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Easter Tablescapes “hopping” with ideas

Problem is…the ideas kept hopping off my intended post due to technical difficulties. So….
better late than never! Here are some of my ideas for our Easter table. You can use some of the ideas and be wonderfully prepared…
for next year!
Here are four different interpretations of a table you could set at home for your Easter celebration. All of them incorporate dishes I have collected over the years, various objects found around the house, and fresh flowers…my favorite!

Using my favorite color blue!
China teacups make great vases!

My sister gave me these adorable salt and pepper servers. Aren’t they cute?


I love pastels in the Spring! 
Pink, blue, pale green and yellow with a touch of purple…love it!
Found these vintage boxes and they are a favorite.
Everything looks special under a glass cloche.

This table was assembled with some of the goodies the kids have been given over the years.
Remember these sets from the 60’s?

Found these cute colorful boxes in the Dollar Section at Target. They made great packaging containers for our M and M Pretzel treats!

These sugar Easter eggs I picked up after Easter one year, a couple of years back at a huge discount and they are still beautiful. (I would not eat them…that might be a bad thing.)


I have amassed quit a collection of Easter decorations over my 26 years of marriage and raising our family. This exercise actually helped me to purge and keep only the special ones, the ones who stir the memories of past Easters.

Now that Easter has passed, it looks like Spring is finally showing a little bit of herself to us. As it unfurls in all its glory, may we take some time to stop and admire its beauty. Go ahead…use the good china and the silver that you got from your wedding and have only used a handful of times. Set a beautiful table when there is no one over for company.
Celebrate! Warmer days are a coming!

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