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Double Happiness!

Showers of happiness were bestowed upon Lauren and Marco this past Saturday as Life’s Patina helped Lauren’s mom put on a beautiful and warm shower for the special couple. 

Working with Barbara was a delight in and of itself for she and I were on exactly the same page as to what we wanted the day to look like and how we wanted the guests to feel…like they were in the comfy living room of a home.
I hung one of our Two Girls In Avignon hand painted panels to screen the kitchen work area where Loraine was whipping up some goodies to delight the taste buds.
Beet and Tangerine Shooters
Shrimp and Avocado in Wonton Cups and Beef Carpaccio 

Mixed Grains with Grilled Vegetables  

Arugula and Spring Mix Salad with Pears, dried cranberries and a Cinnamon Reduction Balsamic Vinaigrette

Salmon Provencal and Chicken Breasts stuffed with spinach and sun dried tomatoes rounded out the offerings.

The whole design motif was  simple elegance. The scrumptious cake embodied that.

 I used these precious egg cups that we just ordered while in Atlanta to house a bit of moss and a baby blue robins egg…blue being the color of the day!
 Silver candlesticks added to the sparkle when lit before lunch.
The silver tea and coffee samovars juxtaposed the simplicity of the barrels and antique windows behind the tea service.
Antique silver spoons inserted into styrofoam covered in moss hold menu cards as the painted white pots kept them grounded.
We used an antique crib to hold the gracious gifts.
Barbara found the Prosesco that I had showed her that had the perfect blue label on the bottle to coordinate. Lining a garden urn with a silver bowl and ice did the trick to keep them chilled. Perfect for Mimosas!
The guests left with a split of Moet Champagne that Barbara searched for and found. The perfect compliment to a gathering of family and friends who came together to celebrate the start of something special…two times over!

Thank you Barbara, Lauren and Marco for letting us help kick off your upcoming adventure!
Twice as much to love, two blessings from above.

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