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December 3rd ~ Deck the Halls

Okay…here goes…our Advent countdown to Christmas
All the boxes have made their way down to their prospective rooms to soon be spilled out of their restraints yet once again to adorn their proper places. Every year new items get added or made but the oldies but goodies always find their way into the mix. Especially in the kids rooms. Tonight, we watched Shrek the Halls and then the boys all dug into the couple of bins that contain all of the past years’ Christmas decorations that they put up in their rooms. We have a couple of very small artificial Christmas trees that they can choose to put up that they often fill with the handmade ornaments of years past. Sometimes they go full tilt and sometimes just lights make it into the ensemble. I follow suite and do our room of course on this night as well. Why not? A little Christmas greenery and glitter can brighten ones spirits upon getting up on some of those way to early mornings after a way too late night.
The boys did not get to totally finish their rooms due to all that after school stuff that they have going on 
so I will post a few pictures to show their efforts tomorrow.  I did get to put up a few of my favorites in our bedroom. 
So simple…a glass bowl filled with ornaments and a cardboard house atop a stack of books.

Our room is blue, white and sand so blue, silver and white are the accent colors that I like to use when decorating in this room.
White natural materials sit simply in a pale blue vase.
Boxwood clippings tuck into a blue enamelware pitcher along with small silver bulbs.
Blue toile balls that I picked up years ago, hang from the windows.
Snowflake tin light shines some light in the closet.
A boxwood topiary sits on a pediment shelf on the wall.
More boxwood is used on the mantle in the bathroom.( I know, what bathroom has a fireplace in it? An old house bathroom!) Boxwood is a great natural material to use in that it does not make as much of a mess. You can spray it with water here and there and that will help it stay green.
It probably took me less than twenty minutes to give our bedroom a little Christmas lift. The boys rooms took a bit longer for there were many many memories to go through upon lifting out an ornament. “Remember when,” was a common sentence starter.  You would think to listen to them that they were pushing the rocking chair stage!
Happy December 3rd!

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