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December 18th ~ Reflection

As many of you know, our big Holiday Open House and Christmas in the Barn Sales have passed. Tomorrow is our last sale of 2013 and as I was up in the barn tonight revamping merchandise and cleaning up a bit, I could not help but reflect back on the past year. These sales require hours upon hours that roll into days upon days and weeks upon weeks devoted to everything it takes to bring it to life. We have melted in close to one hundred degree temps and swung to wearing more clothing than one could possibly imagine, to try and offset the early cold that settled in for the November Sale as we were pricing and setting up late into the night…many nights.
(Sorry, picture is disguised to keep the identities of layered goofy looking girls a secret)
As I moved merchandise around and worked on two special orders, again in the cold, I thought how lucky and blessed I am to be able to be doing what I am doing. I also thought that I really must love it to work for hours on end in crazy temperature conditions.  Love it??? I love it with all my heart!
 I love my friends who come and pitch in when they can. This actually gives us a chance to catch up!
I love my friends’ children who are incredible workers and have mastered the cash register and catering in the same night.
I love the people that I meet who come to our sales. So many stories, so many coincidental meetings.
I love my family who eat take out food and leftovers with no complaints for nights on end.
I love the thrill of the hunt and finding all the special items that we offer that I think will fit right in with the feel of the barn.
I love my friend and Life’s Patina partner who keeps it all together…you know who you are!
I love when it all comes together and what I have pictured in my head…there are a lot of pictures up there…actually becomes the end result.
I love the new vendors that we bring into the barn who are following their passions as well. 
I could go on and on,  and as all businesses as well as the matters of life can attest to, I could give a fairly decent list of what I do not love. Nothing is ever perfect but some things can be pretty darn close!
Thank you to our “perfect” customers who come out and sometimes suffer as well in a sometimes overly heated or under heated conditions. Thank you for appreciating what we do. It is YOU who keep us going! Here are some shots I would like to leave you with before Christmas in the barn for 2013 fades away. For the flavor of our Christmas celebration in 2014 will look much different.
Love ya all!
My youngest and I keeping warm in his great grandmother’s rotting fur coat.

If you missed our previous openings, come check us out tomorrow from 9-4 to experience the barn in it’s Holiday cloak!
All the best is wished for you~

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