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Cute little Place card Holders

December 11th
I am back! The preparations for the last Barn Sale took me away from my computer for a couple of days (and away from completing the decorations of my own house). The barn looks so pretty, I wonder if the kids would mind if we moved all the festivities up there? I can just see their faces now as I ask them to get on their coats, hats, gloves, scarves,  (oh…and the long underwear for the barn lacks heat) before they open their presents Christmas Morning. Hmmm…don’t think that will work.
I did however manage to make these cute little place card holders. You could also use them as a menu holder or a picture holder. I have a collection of old silver that I have picked up at various flea markets over the years so I thought this would be a a neat project to use them in. 
1. Paint the small terra cotta pots white. These took 3 coats. (you could also use them au natural) Let dry
2. Coat top band of pot with tack glue and then sprinkle with crystal clear glitter.

3. Cut florist foam to fit the inside of the pot and stuff in the pot. 
4. Insert fork into center of pot being careful not to pull it out and then put back in again. You don’t want to make a large hole where the fork was inserted.
5. Use a glue gun to glue down a clump of moss on top of the florist foam and carefully arrange around the fork.
6. Dab a paintbrush into some white acrylic paint and lightly pat the top of the moss to give it a snow covered look.
7. Sprinkle some of the clear glitter in the moss and viola, you have a cute little table accessory!
I stamped blank gift tags with a Christmas image for the sale but you can use place card holders to insert in the prongs of the forks.
2 Weeks until Christmas Day! I better finish my house (and maybe start the shopping too!) Shhh…don’t tell my kids!

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